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Short Film
Director: Julia Reiter

Luis is 17 years old and lonely. He wants to be seen and heard, to belong. During an evening with his newfound friend Jakob and the twin brothers, it becomes clear how great Luis' urge for recognition really is.

A story of a teenager nuanced in grainy black and white images -  between loneliness and the need for recognition, private life and YouTube publicity.

Link by request.

Film Festivals

Lux Film Fest, Luxembourg (Premiere) (LU)

CinemaNext - Junger Film aus Österreich (AT)

Subtropical Int. Film Festival (TW) - Best   Directing Award 
 Best Cinematography Nominee

Film Festivals

Max Ophüls 2024 - Medium Length Film Competition

Diagonale 2023 - Short Film Program

Vienna Shorts 2023 - Austrian Competition

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