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- Statues

Experimental Short Film
7 min
Director: Kaspar Kuoppamäki
Germany / Austria


Commercial made for Autorenhilfe, trying to get to depth of ones own obstacles with creativity.

All of the narrative elements shot by me. 

Film Festivals

Lux Film Fest, Luxembourg (Premiere) (LU)

CinemaNext - Junger Film aus Österreich (AT)

Subtropical Int. Film Festival (TW) - Best   Directing Award 
 Best Cinematography Nominee


“ An archetypal example of David Bordwell’s ‘parametric narration’ where style trumps narrational drive, Statues is much more than a screendance. It is the ultimate work of art, or a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, as Richard Wagner would call it. Fusing dance, sculpture, the portrait, and film all together, Statues obfuscates the boundaries of the form as statues and portraits become mobile. Its sound mixing and soundtrack empower the images presented, while luring us into a transcendental state of madness and eeriness. Edgar Allen Poe meets film, dance, and ultimately, blackness. "

Shant Bayramian
Jury member and audio-visual
essayist / Portrait Film Festival

" Firstly, when it comes to technical cinematic achievements

– we must congratulate you on a masterful editing. Your work with lighting and choice of colour palette that create the specificity of the film world.

The crisp cinematography; the symbiotic choreography of not just the body but all these elements and textures (like the black water, for instance); and, of course, the eerie sound that immerses us into the experience, ritual, metamorphosis and mystical dream that is Statues. " 

Portrait Film Festival feedback

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