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Kiesler's Body Film Still

Kiesler's Body

Experimental Short Film
4 min
Director: Ganaël Dumreicher


The architectural theorist Friedrich Kiesler designed a place of film projection that puts the screen in the centre and makes you forget everything around it. With animated interior models of the cinema constructed by Kiesler for the ´Film Arts Guild´, Ganaël Dumreicher puts the idea of a borderless cinema space into the picture in a surreal, visceral and extremely direct way.

Film Festivals


"Applied Correlation Laboratory"
Studio Exhibition - Austrian Friedrich and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation (Premiere) (AT)

Animateka Festival, Ljubljana (SI)

Animefest Bucharest (RO)

CinemaNext, Junger Film aus Österreich (AT)

- Jury Award

Diagonale - Innovative Cinema (AT)

International Student Animated FIlm Festival Animafantasia - Lasi (RO)

International Youth Film Festival (AT)

Kortfilmfestival Leuven (BE)

Les Instants Videos Marseille (FR)

L'etrange Festival Paris - Short Film Competition (FR)

TOPU International Animation Week, Jiangsu (CH)

Uppsala Short-Film Festival (SE)

Vienna Shorts - Animation Avantgarde International Competition (AT) - Jury Honorable Mention

" The idea of limitless seeing is avantgarde and romantic to the bone. This film daringly devotes itself to the exploration of expanded, total cinema considering film as an organic, even zoological practice.

For its freshness in exploring the history of the medium, the Honorable Mention for special artistic achievement goes to Kiesler’s Body, directed by Ganaël Dumreicher. "

- Jury decision / Vienna Shorts

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